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Roanoke VA Antiques and Collectibles

Roanoke VA Thrift Store

Looking for a great local thrift store? Vintage Cargo buys a lot of items in Bulk in the hopes of finding Antiques and Collectibles, the end result is we end up with a ton of miscellaneous items like electronics, tools, furniture, glassware, computers, games, Consoles, DVDs, washers & dryers (appliances), toys, and a whole lot more! Since we like antiques and collectibles the most, we offer these extra items we find at a huge discount. We always have tons of thrift items on hand and in storage at our location. Feel free to come in and dig for things you may need or want! We do have thrift items in the store from time to time but we always have more thrift treasures close by for you to check out! 


Vintage Cargo Thrift Store Items May Include: 

  • Books / Magazines
  • Computers and Related Equipment
  • Movies/DVDS/BluRay
  • Gaming Consoles/Nintindos/Sega/Sony PS1-2-3/Xbox/360
  • Games for all consoles
  • Records (Including 78’s and collectibles)
  • Bedding/Home Dιcor
  • Furniture  - Bedroom – Dining – Living Room - Office
  • Stereos - TV’s – DVD Players and More
  • Car Audio
  • Luggage – Bags – Designer Pocketbooks – Wallets
  • Baby Needs – Strollers – Cribs – and More
  • Anything & Everything Else!


Find discount thrift store items at Vintage Cargo in Roanoke VA!




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